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Best Diamond Shipping Limited


Due to high demand of business in the shipping industries, Best Diamond Shipping Limited was established in the year 2007. A shipping company in Vanimo West Sepik Province Papua New Guinea that provides shipping related services to all foreign vessels coming in and going out of Papua New Guinea's Port in a timely and professional manners.

To utilize the services we can offer to the people of Vanimo, the company prompts to extend their business operation by providing additional services in terms of Public Marine Transport in the areas of Sandaun Province and even extending to other provinces. The Fuel Tanker Barge becomes the floating fuel station and Landing Craft (LCT) as Cargo/fuel delivery barge domestically within PNG Water. 

Tug, Landing Craft & Barge sailing between Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Furthermore, the company also tap and gone into fuel market industry realizing there is a high demand and low supply on the fuel unable to meet the demand of customers of entire West Sepik Province and Northern Island Provinces. The company has decided to start fuel import to supply quality fuel brought in from overseas to help eased the low supply of fuel to those logging company in the country and was granted by National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) a 5-year Off Shore Bunkering Permit in Papua New Guinea.

Our Services

  •  Shipping Agent for all PNG Ports

  •  Ship Operator

  •  Bulk Fuel Supplier

  •  Logs Trader

  •  STS Transfer

Our Principle & Services :

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Office Phone : +675 4571177


Address : P O Box 377, Vanimo Sanduan Province, Puapa New Guinea 

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